Classic Collection
Classic Collection

Classic Collection

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Volume 4x 5 cl / Alc 40% - 46.1% Vol

The Mackmyra Classic Collection consists of four Swedish classics, which together provide a good impression of the Mackmyra style. The range showcases the Swedish oak, the Swedish smoky flavour and the history of Mackmyra, with the Brukswhisky edition. Mack by Mackmyra is aimed at a wider audience and is the perfect choice for mixing whisky cocktails. With this set, featuring 5 cl from each edition, you get the opportunity to conduct your very own Mackmyra tasting session.


Volume 5cl / 40% Abv

MACK by Mackmyra is a fruity whisky with a distinct taste featuring notes of vanilla, pear and citrus. Mack is a craft whisky made entirely of Swedish ingredients and is suitable for drinking on its own and in cocktails.

Volume 5cl / 41.4% Abv

Brukswhisky is a well-balanced whisky, created to be enjoyed on any occasion. The taste is pure, with light spicy notes of oak along with a distinct fruity mix of caramel, citrus and pear. Other prominent flavours include soft banana sweets, liquorice and mint.

Volume 5cl / 46.1% Abv

Svensk Ek (Swedish oak) has a spicy character with elements of sandalwood, dried ginger, black pepper, roasted oak casks and herbs. The spiciness is complemented by a fruity base with vanilla and caramel notes; like caramelised sugar from oak barrels that have previously stored bourbon.

Volume 5cl / 46.1% Abv

Svensk Rök (Swedish Smoke) Juniper has been used as a seasoning for generations in Sweden, and this timeless taste is now available in a golden form as well. The scent is slightly smoky and spicy, with a considerably more smoky taste and tones of peaty juniper. Together with Mackmyra’s classic fruitiness, featuring vanilla, pear caramel and spicy oak, the flavours provide a really unique character; it is quite simply a Swedish smoky taste.

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