Volume 70 cl / Alc 46.1% Vol

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Mackmyra Jaktlycka (Happy hunting) is a Swedish single malt whisky that celebrates autumn, berry foraging and the treasures to be found in the ancient Swedish woods.

As you savour Jaktlycka an engaging trail of blueberries and lingonberries is revealed, as the whisky was predominantly matured in casks that previously held Swedish berry wine from the craft producer Grythyttan.

The essence of the whisky is our elegant recipe, aged in casks of Swedish and American oak, combined with a handful of smoky recipe casks for an inviting depth.

Nose: Spicy with warm fruity grape tones and notes of herbs. Soft vanilla oak with aromas of anise, ginger, raisins, pear caramel and vanilla.

Mouth: Soft fruity and spicy with berries and dried fruit. Pear, raisins, ginger and vanilla. The texture is creamy and medium-bodied.

Summary: Berry, fruity, spicy and oaky with warm notes of raisins.


The Seasonal Collection Story

In the Seasonal Whisky collection, we create editions with innovative and seasonal expressions, and since the winter of 2013, we have launched two limited editions per year. Some examples of popular finish storage throughout the year include barrels that have previously carried mulled wine, Amarone, cloudberry wine, rum, cherry wine and birch wine.
The series also includes close collaborations with beverage producers such as Masi, Plantation Rum and Christian Drouin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Thomas T.
Das Jagdglück - Passt wie die Faust auf Auge

Einer meiner Lieblinge von Mackmyra; leider nicht mehr direkt im Handel. Meine Bekannten hatten mir aber mal eine Flasche direkt aus Schweden mitgebracht. Toll im Geschmack. Sehr angenehme Süße, Kompott von dunklen Beeren. Lecker. Kam auch bei den Damen im Bekanntenkreis sehr gut an.

Kim Battistini

Delicious. Dark fruits. Blueberry jam. Sweet and rich.

Nathan Hardisty
Delicious and sweet

Sweeter than the Vintersol, would definitely drink this again! Exceptional packaging and presentation as always.

Superb Service and Superb Whiskey

This was certainly a favourite in the tasting pack - I should have ordered more. Matthew is also a credit to the brand

Maurice H.
Up there with the best!

Smooth, elegant with a hint of berries - a great malt.

David Latto
Top Quality

Excellent whisky. What else needs to be said?

Lise W.
After leaving in the glass

After leaving in the glass for awhile (like wine) it was much looser and very drinkable. Great change from the normal Scottish single malts that I have. LW

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