Midsummer Pack

Midsummer Pack

Volume 70 cl x 4, 50cl x1 / Alc 40% - 46.1% Vol


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Celebrate with Mackmyra

Flower wreaths, dancing, and a sun that never sets. We call it Midsummer - the celebration of the summer solstice and more, enjoyed with family and friends. To celebrate midsummer in true Mackmyra fashion we are excited to introduce our new Midsummer Pack! This pack includes some of our most popular, and innovative finishes from our collection with a 25% saving when purchased together and includes free shipping*.

MACK by Mackmyra is an artisanal single malt whisky made from only Swedish ingredients. MACK is great in cocktails but also on its own, straight or on the rocks. 

It is a flavourful whisky with a bright, fresh character and notes of vanilla, pear and citrus.

The Original Swedish Single Malt Whisky

Mackmyra Brukswhisky has a balanced character with fruits and butterscotch. The nose is clean and fresh, with light, spicy, notes of Swedish peat and juniper. Clear fruitiness with butterscotch, citrus and pear. Prominent notes are liquorice and mint. 

The palate is fruity and slightly smoky while the aftertaste is fruity and slightly spicy. Enjoy Brukswhisky as it is, with or without ice, on any occasion.

The flagship Swedish whisky created using 100% Swedish ingredients. Casks coopered from Swedish oak create a more firm and spicy flavour. Svensk Ek is matured in Swedish oak casks giving the whisky a spicy character giving notes of sandalwood, dried ginger, black pepper, roasted oak barrel and herbs to our whisky. 

We are constantly developing our ancient craft to make it even better. One example of our many innovations is to age a great deal of our whisky in smaller barrels thereby extracting more flavour.

Let us present the world's first whisky created by Artificial Intelligence used to augment and automate the most time-consuming process of whisky creation. The distillery’s machine learning models, powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and AI cognitive services developed by Fourkind, are fed with Mackmyra’s existing recipes (including those for award-winning blends), sales data, and customer preferences. With this dataset, the AI can generate more than 70 million recipes that it predicts will be popular and of the highest quality. The result is Intelligens, an elegant Swedish single malt whisky with golden yellow colour. A fruity whisky with notes of toffee, creamy vanilla, pear, apples, white pepper and a light tone of toasted oak casks.

Our premiere gin is produced exclusively from carefully selected natural Swedish organic botanicals. These ingredients have been hand-chosen and then distilled in a classic pot still at Mackmyra Bruk.

Juniper, raspberry and a hint of coriander create the sensation of a Swedish forest with additional scents of sweet vanilla and cardamom. The aftertaste, we introduced distinct, lingering tones of citrus.

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