Moment 22

Moment 22

Volume: 70 cl / Alc: 42.2% vol.

This bottle is no longer available directly from Mackmyra, but may be available from other retailers

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Moment 22

We are very excited and proud to announce our newest addition to our Moment series, Moment 22. This is a tribute to where it all started, 20 years ago in Gävle, Sweden.

With this edition, the journey continues for the whisky that was both praised and criticised, but which most importantly also spread the word about Mackmyra and Swedish whisky around the world. Moment 22 is a reborn reincarnation of the Preludium series, taken from our whisky archives and transferred to 30-litre Swedish oak casks for another 3.5 years of final ageing.

Nose: An oily, buttery, and berry-like aroma with rounded hints of oak. Round tar with a certain saltiness followed by vanilla, dried fruit, arrack, chocolate, pear caramel, almond butter, and ginger. Herbal with tobacco leaves, anise, hay, and white pepper. 

Taste: Fruity, slightly vinous and spicy. Herbal, with light smoky notes in a background of rounded Oloroso. Vanilla with hints of oak, caramel, and saltiness. Roquefort cheese with a clear mineral element. The texture is oily and full. 

Summary: Spicy with oak, light peat notes and a long, soft aftertaste of vanilla. Ginger, anise with herbs and dried fruit.


The Moment Edition Story

Down in Bodås mine, thousands of casks are stored which are periodically quality tested by Mackmyra's Master Blender, Angela D'Orazio. During her trips to the mine, she sometimes encounters some casks that stand out from the rest, and these casks deserve to be bottled as they are or in an edition with an extra clear vision. Due to this reason, Mackmyra created the exclusive series called Moment. Here, Mackmyra's most special casks and recipes come into their own. Each edition has a very limited amount of bottles that are released and you can expect at least one new Moment edition per year.

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