Motorhead Whiskey
Motorhead Whisky by Mackmyra Available in 50 countries


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Volume 70 cl / Alc 40% Vol

Motörhead whisky is a Swedish Single Malt Whisky with an oaky and slightly fruity character, characterized by ageing five years in new American oak barrels, where parts of the whisky has got a final touch from oloroso oak barrels the last six months. Alcohol strength is 40% and the whisky is cool filtered, so no cloudiness should occur in the bottle or the glass, if the whisky is served at a lower temperature. In summary, this becomes an enjoyable, easy to drink oaky and spicy Swedish Single Malt Whisky.

Delicious taste of vanilla, rich tones of dried fruit and roasted nuts with a delicate sweetness.

Angela D’Orazio, Master Blender 

“These wonderful oak barrels! I often come across fine barrels of whisky down in the mine, and here we have a bunch of great new American oak barrels that have matured a full five years. We talked about making a Swedish malt whisky with taste influences from Bourbon to the guys, – and there it was only waiting for us. For a little touch of something more, we added a small portion of whisky for six months ending on Oloroso oak barrels.”

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