Volume 70 cl / Alc 46.1% Vol

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Mackmyra Vinterglöd (winter glow) is an elegant Swedish single malt whisky distilled at Mackmyra Bruk. This whisky is inspired by the Swedish winter tradition of drinking mulled wine during the colder months of the year. 

Vinterglöd carries notes of orange, candied fruit and almond, together with oak and a ginger-like spiciness. The aromatic profile of the whisky comes from its aging in casks that previously held Swedish mulled wine and Pedro Ximénez Sherry. A unique choice for your winter traditions! 

Vinterglöd is a collaboration with Saturnus Glögg.

Nose: Spicy with berries, fruits and light oily notes. Toasted notes of vanilla, oak and caramel fudge. A light warm and oaky spiciness with a hint of tar and mineralities. Sweet notes of raisin, marzipan, citrus and pear drop. Blackcurrant notes of older whisky are found together with spicy and herbal notes of aniseed, ginger and tobacco leaves.

Mouth: Spicy with a nice balance between fruits, berries, oils and oak. Blackcurrant, pear fudge and grapefruit. Pleasant spicy oak with hints of tar and tobacco leaves. The texture has a light oiliness.

Aftertaste: Oily and spicy with berries and a light dryness towards the end.

PX Sherry Casks: 200 L 
Mulled Wine Casks.: 100 L — 128 L 
1st fill American Oak: 128 L Virgin / 1st fill

Svensk Vinter

We started by creating a mulled wine finished whisky, and then thought 'how about the other way around?'

Working with Saturnus, we also created Svensk Vinter, a Mackmyra whisky finished mulled wine perfect for winter evenings. Fresh fruity white wine, ginger, pomegranates, cinnamon, and vanilla, all matured together in Mackmyra casks.

A piece of Swedish tradition to enjoy over the colder months.

Customer Reviews

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Styrbjorn Haaber


Michael H.


Darren M.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this but it sounded really interesting. What better reason is there to buy a bottle of anything? I have never tried anything finished in this type of cask and have certainly never tried anything with hints of mulled wine. First off this has the signature Mackmyra warming feel to it. It then mellows out and you really get all the spices that you would expect with mulled wine. You can also really get the hints on wine on the nose. All in all this is a great experiment. I would put it up there with my favourite Mackmyra bottlings. I have all of the bottles from the core range plus Appelblom, this and Intelligens (yea I am a Mackmyra fan boy!), and this is by far the stand out bottle so far.

Kazuzya K.


Christmas in a bottle

Absolutely love the finish of this expression, perfect drop for Christmas

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